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We treat our Red Angus cattle with the upmost respect and care, ensuring they are content and stress free.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the ethical and humane treatment of animals.

We believe in upholding sustainable farming practices.

We believe in the consumer’s right to know everything about their food.


Next delivery scheduled for Saturday October 3rd

Best quality meat I have eaten in a long time. Even the cheaper cuts are tender and full of flavour. Highly recommend you try it. Good to know where your meat comes from without all the chemicals.

Luke Hanneysee

Our family has now had meat from Jillangolo Park twice. Both times the meat has been fantastic and Mark and Kate have been kind enough to provide us loads of bones as well to make beef stock, which has been great. They really care about their cows, farming, the environment, and the well being of Australian farmers in general. Totally recommend.

Maria Ballantyne