Our Herd

Our Red Angus cross cattle are bred to be easy going, calm tempered, and well-muscled.

They are free to roam on rotated pastures, where they can choose when to eat and when to rest.

We maintain an intimate connection with our animals, walking amongst them, handling and talking to them on a daily basis.

We treat them with the upmost of respect and care, ensuring they are content and stress free.

Their grass fed diet is supplemented when needed with silage and hay grown mostly on farm.

We do not use growth hormones and our meat is anti-biotic free.

Our Process

We take orders while the animals are still in the paddock, you essentially buy a share in the animal. Our ordering system and packs are designed to make full use of the animal, in respect for its life.

We never send one steer by itself. Cattle are companion animals naturally, we select and group our animals together in advance for comfort and familiarity.

All processing is done locally, our meat is dry-aged for between 9 and 14 days for extra tenderness. It is then packed and weighed inside the cool room 24 hours before we personally deliver it to you at home in a PrimeSafe registered refrigerated van .

Our Future

We strive to create as few food miles as possible.

We are aiming towards carbon neutral farming practices.

No Feedlots or Markets.

No Intertstate Trucks.

No Ship Exports.