What’s so special about grass fed beef?

Why is it important to buy ‘ethical’ meat?

It is important to us, for the welfare of the animal, for all animals, to know how they are raised, treated and how they are slaughtered to prepare the meat consumed by us humans. It is also for our health and well being, to know what that animal has been treated with and what it has consumed in its life.

Is it safe to have meat delivered straight to your door?

Yes, we deliver to your hands from a refrigerated meat transport vehicle that has been loaded directly from the butcher’s cool room. It is your responsibility to refrigerate or freeze your delivery as soon as you can. This is why we cannot leave your delivery in an esky unattended.

What’s so special about grass fed beef?

The way cattle are fed has a major impact effect on the nutrient composition of the beef. Grass fed beef has been scientifically proven to contain higher levels of omega 3 and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) this fatty acid is linked to reduced body fat. Grass fed beef also has higher levels of vitamins and minerals than grain fed.

Why can’t we order meat outside the set delivery dates?

When you buy a pack from us, you are essentially buying a share in the whole animal, while it is still in the paddock. To ensure the least wastage we process the whole animal and divide the meat evenly.

What are ‘food miles’?

Food miles are environmental costs associated with the production of a food and its delivery to its consumer. Our animals are born and raised on our farm, in Tonimbuk and the whole process is within a 20 km radius to us. The only food miles involved are in our van to your door! Our interests also include the ‘locavore’ movement which means eating within a 100 mile radius.

How much room do I need in my freezer?

Our variety packs are 20 to 25 kg and come in about a bit bigger than a fruit box, or 2 cartons of beer. The packs mostly fit in a family size freezer if it doesn’t have too much in it. The meat keeps for up to a week in the fridge before use so you can always leave your next few nights planned meals in the fridge. The premium pack is slightly smaller in 15 to 20kg. The meat is either Vacuum packed or on trays sealed ready to freeze.